“In search of better questions.
I see speaking as a way to start
better conversations, to ask better
questions, and to engage more
fully with each other and the world
around us.”

About my approach

Rather than aim to change the world (a lofty and worth goal), I invite us all to listen, to ask how to better serve, and to cultivate a deep understanding of the people we’re designing with and for. It’s not enough to have one voice in the room: we need to have all the voices in the room. I like to think of these talks and workshops as a way to bring fresh energy, engagement, and curiosity to a room that’s working through tough problems, and as a way for us to reconnect with the ideas that matter.

In my career so far, I’ve delivered more than 300 talks, workshops, and mainstage keynotes on the topics of design leadership, social innovation, and global change. I’ve delivered college commencement addresses and keynote talks, and I’ve also facilitated intimate, group-based workshops. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to invite me to speak or you would like a custom workshop for your organization.

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