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Coverage of our work at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

February 24, 2017 New York Times: Designs On The VA by Allison Arieff

February 1, 2017  WIRED: America Has Its Problems But Design Can Help Solve Them by Liz Stinson & Margaret Rhodes

January/February 2017 Communication Arts Typography Annual 7, Insights Q&A with Sarah Brooks

August 17, 2016  Forrester: CXDC 2016 Q&A with Rick Parrish

July 25, 2016 FastCo Exist: How Citizen-Centered Design Is Changing The Ways The Government Serves The People by Kyla Fullenwinder

Covering Civic Design as a Presidential Innovation Fellow

May 29, 2015   Getting to Know Your Users. Tips and Tricks from Veterans Affairs with Mollie Ruskin

November 11, 2014   Voices of Veterans. Introducing Personas to Better Understand Our Customers with Rachel Harrison-Gordon, Andrea Ippolito, Amber Schleuning, Emily Tavoulareas

Covering Science and Social Innovation Fellows for PopTech

January 24, 2012   Jake Porway on collaborating with data

January 26, 2012   Bernard Lietaer on money: Monoculture vs. multiplicity

February 13, 2012   Michael Murphy on architecting health

February 16, 2012   Tony Orrico: Symmetry in Motion

March 5, 2012   Bioremediation: Bacteria and fungi FTW

March 21, 2012   Milenko Matanovic on collaborative art as a community builder

March 28, 2012   Pardis Sabeti’s large-scale detective work

April 9, 2012   School’s boring: Learn differently with Simon Hauger

Covering Design & Social Innovation for Shareable

July 26, 2011   Design For Social Innovation: Ezio Manzini

August 2, 2011   Ezio Manzini on the Economics of Design for Social Innovation

September 12, 2011   Cheryl Heller on Building Relationships through Design

December 13, 2011   Swapping Clothes for Fun, Creativity, and a New Economy

February 13, 2012   Greencitizen Confronts the Global Electronic Waste Crisis

March 5, 2012   TaskRabbit: Running Errands For Fun and Profit

April 16, 2012   Designer Jessica Hische Procrastinates Her Way to Success

July 31, 2012   SQFT: A Public Lab for Pop-Up Innovation

Covering Social Innovation for Hot Studio

August 8, 2011   Design for Good: Join Us at SOCAP11

August 18, 2011   It’s in our DNA: Hot’s Social Innovation Practice

November 4, 2011   Lobster Rolls and Inspiration: Our Time at PopTech

January 17, 2012   Code for America Helps Launch Civic Commons

April 17 2012   Triple Bottom Lunch and Biomimicry

June 5, 2012   Designing For Resilience

November 1, 2012   Looking Back, Progressing Forward, SOCAP12