Triple Spot Mobile App

October 2011 – December 2012

Role: Creative Lead

The Challenge

For decades, AAA Club Partners, Inc. (ACP) has been helping make America’s roads a safer and more enjoyable place. But as the nation’s largest motor club contemplated its future, it realized the need to reach a new generation of potential members: millennials.

The solution was a product totally unprecedented in the organization’s history—TripleSpot, a mobile social network conceived, designed, and built in partnership with Hot Studio.

Hot began its work by launching an in-depth research process that identified ways of engaging people ages 18-30. Trend and demographics analysis, competitive research, interviews with millennials, and early resonance testing were all used to identify opportunities and gauge viable product options.

The findings were somewhat surprising. For many millennials, phone ownership is more important than car ownership. The smartphone is their best friend, and social sharing is first-nature. They’re more interested in authentic experiences than buying expensive things. And millennials aren’t bound by notions of planning or scheduling—they’ll go first and figure out what to do later.

The Impact

TripleSpot leverages the teams discoveries while also tying into one of AAA’s core missions—to get people out and experiencing the world. It’s a social guidebook that lets people spot and share their favorite experiences, and discover what other people have shared. It helps people find cool things on the go and plan future trips with their friends.

AAA Club Partners had never built something like TripleSpot, and bringing the app into existence required our team to essentially function as a startup within AAA. As TripleSpot’s functionality took shape, the visual design and user experience were continuously augmented through rapid prototyping with millennials. Hot also worked with AAA to develop TripleSpot’s brand, creating an identity that was distinct yet complementary to AAA’s brand.

The team didn’t just build and brand the app—it gave AAA Club Partners the tools to help TripleSpot succeed operationally, including a rollout plan with community-building guidelines and a demo that introduced the concept to key stakeholders at AAA. All told, the product development between our team and AAA Club Partners transformed an ambitious concept into a concrete reality and, in the process, changed the way a venerable organization saw itself and its business.

Key Tools

User research

Secondary research

Design principles

Community building

Interaction Design

Rapid prototyping

Concept testing

MVP design + build

Iterative design + dev