CCA MFA Business of Design Class

Spring 2014 semester

Role: Senior Lecturer

The Challenge

When I got a call from Maria Giudice, Product Director at Facebook saying that she and Christopher Ireland, Founder of Mix and Stir Studio needed a third Charlie’s Angel for their Business of Design class it was easy to say yes. They had taught the class for several years, and it had grown so much in popularity they needed additional support.

The class took 35+ students through the process of developing a startup including product/service concepting, prototyping, developing brand, marketing and financial projections – and putting them in the pitching hot seat as the class culminates.

The Impact

We experimented with a flipped classroom. We audio recorded 15-20 minute lecture modules prior to each class and asked that students watch them before meeting in the classroom, so we could use the class time for focused discussions that dug into student’s questions. We found that method worked well, making better use of the discussion hour, prior to breaking up into working groups.

The class had 5 teams of 8 (average) students each who pitched to actual investors for their final projects. It was a great learning experience for the students to get real-world feedback on the market viability of their ideas.

Key Tools


Curriculum Development