Designing The Next Economy

June 17 – 19 2013

Keynote Speaker

I gave a presentation at DMI’s Designing The Next Economy conference in Santa Monica, California. It brought together thoughts on how the echoes of mechanistic thinking are mirrored in the way we view the economy, how we construct value – and how looking to living systems can provide a healthier model for what a living economy could be. It drew parallels to the increasing role that designers are playing a catalyzing and ongoing role in supporting the diversity, viability and resilience of communities. A move that is less about design authorship, and more about co-creating and revolutionizing change that searches out shared value and strengthens local economies in the process. I explored examples of where there’s momentum, and challenged the design community to extend the boundaries of their system thinking to include social-ecological systems in the digital, product and built environments we work with.

As an outgrowth of that talk, I received a two  invitations in Mexico City; a keynote at the VOR: Innovation Pathways conference for emerging social entrepreneurs, and a master class at Centro Art School, both of which happened in November 2013. I will be returning to Centro Art School in the Spring of 2014 to teach another master class.

Watch the video here.