Alter Eco

March 2011 – August 2011

Role: Executive Sponsor, Strategist, Interaction Designer

The Challenge

AlterEco began in France as a fair-trade food import company and achieved a strong brand presence throughout Europe. Two of the co-founders relocated to the U.S. and undertook a brand repositioning with the goal of being seen primarily as a good company with great stories about fair trade supply chain transparency.

They knew they needed to open the door to a broader audience in the marketplace, presenting customers and supporters with a repositioned brand that provides an easy way to discover, purchase and consume great food products.

They wanted a full site redesign to accompany a parallel package redesign effort.

The Impact

We developed a concept model based on being a traveler and global explorer who leads with their palette. Information about each product; chocolate, quinoa, rice and sugar sits alongside information about the local context and specific co-op where the product is grown and harvested.

A deep dive into content followed, and we recommended a dramatic pruning of old information and a refinement in voice and tone to better align with the new concept model.

A complete update to the information architecture complimented the streamlined content, and a full redesign was successfully completed.

Key Tools

User research

Secondary research

Design principles

Content Strategy

Interaction Design