Kind Words from Colleagues

Sarah was the first person we founders brought to TeeBeeDee, and she proved an invaluable contributor. Other recommendations have spoken to her specific achievements; I would additionally point out her dedication and work ethic (sounds old-fashioned, but as the CEO I find it notable). Sarah was the go-to person on almost everything in our first two years — the center of knowledge and ingenuity. Any online company would be lucky to have her on the team, as we have been.

Robin WolanerCEO, VittanaVittana

Sarah did an amazing job as curator of the Compostmodern conference: her timely and well-paced programme generated lively conversations and positive energy both during the event and afterwards.

John ThackaraDoors of Perception

Sarah was incredibly responsive to evolving needs, methods at resources at this challenging start up/pre-IPO, extremely able to ellicit, synthesize and validate requirements then translate them into great software
uniquely suited to work creatively in hi-tech by collaborating with all disciplines, clients and stakeholders, phenomenally productive through drive, humour and curiosity.

Maggie HendrieChair, Interaction Design, Art Center College of Design Art Center College of Design

Sarah is a strong executive who as a key member of our senior management team helped set and execute a clear vision for Her skills, experience, and leadership were critical to our enormous gains in traffic, revenues and user experience. She possesses a rare combination of big picture creativity and detail-oriented follow through. Further, she’s a terrific manager, liked and admired by all.

Blaise ZeregaCEO,

Sarah was a wonderful collaborator on a complex iPad app that we at PopTech worked on with her and her colleagues at Hot Studio. I recommend her wholeheartedly – you won’t be disappointed!

Andrew ZolliCurator & Executive Director, PopTech PopTech

Sarah excels at carrying product strategy into living, breathing apps. I’ve worked with here on a range of products and clients, from html 5 publishing platforms to iOS social networking apps. Sarah takes a people-centric, yet business friendly, approach to design. She serves up responsive and context-appropriate design solutions and works closely with developers and engineers to make them a reality. On top of that, Sarah is great at facilitating strategic conversations with project stakeholders to align teams around the deeper strategy behind projects. She’s been a great partner and collaborator.

Matthew CarlsonProduct Design Manager, FacebookFacebook

Core Capabilities

  • Design Research

    Field interviews

    Trend, competitor/complimentors mapping

    Prototype testing for usability, concept resonance

    Generating original insights about met & unmet needs to guide new product/service concepts

  • Co-Design

    Working with community & stakeholder groups

    Convening cross-sector stakeholders

    Listening and supporting co-creation and collaboration


  • Product Strategy

    Opportunity Identification

    Product definition & roadmap

    Implementation plans

    Launching products/services in the market & iterating

  • Service Design

    Building customer journey maps and service blueprints

    Conceiving of online/offline customer journeys through all touchpoints of a service

  • Workshop Facilitation

    Bringing all levels of leadership together and into alignment

    Creating an environment of trust & openness

    Driving toward shared vision, agreements and clear forward actions

  • Interaction Design

    Framing insights and design principles

    Development of product & service concepts

    Information architecture, content strategy & page-level wireframe design

    Storytelling and messaging